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The Best Beer Taps and Faucets

by Aline Sally on February 21, 2021
The Best Beer Taps and Faucets


Beer faucets are an integral part of a beer dispensing system. Even so, most people often overlook their importance. Just like other parts of a home or business system, you’ve got various beer faucet options to suit your needs.

However, there are numerous things to consider when choosing the appropriate faucet for your system. These factors include the material used, design, shape, and intended function.

This guide will help you make a buying decision that matches your needs best.

What’s A Beer Faucet?

Before we dive deeper, let’s first define what a beer faucet is. It’s a vital component for a draft beer that directs the beer flow and helps you pour your brew efficiently. Aside from contributing to a food-safe environment, a faucet also helps keep your tap hygienic.

Most people often confuse this component with the tap itself. But, it’s the last contact point before the beverage enters the glass.

Types of Beer Faucets

As the last component that your brew touches, faucets can either make or break the ideal pour. So, choosing the correct one for your dispensing system is important.

1. Standard Faucets

Standard faucets are one of the most commonly used beer faucets on the market. They’re perfect for any domestic draft beverage, whether you’re using a wall of taps in a commercial establishment or just a single tap kegerator.

They connect directly to the draft beer tower and have a threaded lever that can fit nearly any tap handle. Because people use standard faucets frequently, you can easily find replacement parts in case they malfunction.

2. European Faucets

European faucets mirror the functionalities of the standard beer faucets, with a few exceptions. The biggest difference between the two is the longer and skinnier spout in the European version.

This narrow spout helps reduce the overall amount of foam that arises when pouring. Thereby making it perfect for filling pitchers and growlers.

But keep in mind that European faucets have a shorter shank and different threads than standard faucets.

This means they’re incompatible with most of the draft systems, especially kegerators. In fact, you might have to change your draft tower for this faucet to work.

3. Stout (Nitrogen) Faucets

Do you want to serve up brews that require nitrogen gas for dispensing such as Boddington’s and Guinness? All you need is a nitrogen stout beer faucet. They’re specially designed to handle nitrogen-based draft systems.

The stout’s long, narrow design coupled with a unique restrictor disc help power the drink through the faucet, forming a cascading, thick head normally associated with nitro brews. That’s how you get a smoother, creamier beer.

Beer Faucet Features That You Should Know About

Besides the different types, knowing about their typical features comes in handy when looking for the ideal beer faucets.

  • Flow control faucets

Flow control faucets feature a unique lever at the side that helps you manage your pour with ease. They make it easy for you to use sampler glasses and even frequently change your keg to various brew styles.

These faucets are necessary if you’ll be using taps to serve carbonated cocktails. You can also use them for dispensing kombucha.

  • Self-closing faucets

Just as their names state, self-closing faucets close themselves. You don’t have to manually push it to close. It automatically closes when you remove your hand from the tap handle. This is a great option, more so in busy commercial bar environments to help conserve beer.

World-Class Faucet Finishes

Beer faucets generally come in three types of finishes: stainless steel, polished brass, and chrome-plated. Although all these three options have various qualities, you need to remember some other things when deciding the style you want to buy.

1. Stainless Steel Beer Faucets

Stainless steel faucets are an upgrade of the standard option. Imagine having a sturdy faucet that will last for decades behind your bar. Isn’t that amazing?

Because stainless steel is less vulnerable to corrosion, it’s a more sanitary option to go for. That’s why it’s a must-have if you want to dispense kombucha, cocktails, or wine on tap.

2. Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets

They’re the most common types of faucets out there. The shiny chrome finish is not only visually appealing but also stands out behind any bar. Chrome-plated brass faucets are more cost-effective and perform the same as stainless steel. However, they can’t withstand the wear and tear of continuous use.

If you’re building a kegerator that won’t be used most of the time, then these faucets are a viable option.

3. Polished Brass Faucets

Do you crave the appearance of polished brass on your faucets? You’ll be happy to know that polished brass faucets come with multiple options to choose from. What’s more, they offer the same functionality and affordability as their chrome-plated counterpart.

Final Remarks

This guide has covered various types of beer faucets on the market today. When it comes to purchasing faucets, stainless steel is the best alternative because of their overall functionality and aesthetic preferences. With this information in mind, you’re now in a better position to go for a product that will serve you flawlessly for years to come.